David Bowie

Dining with Bowie-Inspired Food and Drink

Turn and face the strange."

To complement the Brooklyn Museum's "David Bowie Is" exhibition, we devoted dishes and drinks to the beloved icon our new Spring menu

We will also celebrate Bowie's life and career with a dinner series starting April 22. Ticket info is here.

The four dinners paired with the exhibit will highlight the important phases of Bowie’s work, which took place in, or were greatly influenced by London, Berlin, Tokyo, and Philadelphia. 

Each four-course meal will reflect the foodways of one of the cities, along with inspiration from that specific phase of Bowie's career.


During the dinners, Chef Saul Bolton will discuss the creation of these eclectic menus, including the story behind dishes like Diamond Dogfish & Chips, Curried Hand Pies, Shepherd's Pie and more. Matthew Yokobosky, the Brooklyn Museum's director of exhibition design, will address how “David Bowie Is” came about and how he conceived and executed the exhibition's format.

Throughout the exhibition, we will also display a compelling collection of rare photographs, David Bowie Archive, by famed Japanese photographer Masayoshi Sukita, whose 40-year collaboration with Bowie produced the most iconic images taken of him. 


Join us for these dynamic culinary experiences celebrating Bowie through food and drink! 

Price with exhibit: $95, includes welcome cocktail, four-course dinner, presentations about “David Bowie Is” and the menu, and full exhibit entry (members save 10% off)
Price without exhibit: $75
Location: The Norm at Brooklyn Museum
Dates: April 22 (Berlin Street Food), May 20 (Tokyo), June 10 (Philadelphia), July 1 (London)
Time: 4:30pm-8pm (for both dinner and exhibit)